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2013-06-09 - [GB] The next addition(s) to the GBRf fleet [Updated 2013-06-10]

Home News Archive 2013-06-09 - [GB] The next addition(s) to the GBRf fleet [Updated 2013-06-10]

A few months ago, a shiny blue locomotive could be seen in Krefeld [D]. The loco, numbered T664025, was foreseen for Rush Rail. However, on 07.06.2013 the loco was seen in Moeskroen [B] by Mattias Catry, carrying the number 66750 on its fronts. It's known that a 66750 and 66751 are to be added to GBRf's fleet, but which locos were involved remained unclear. The mystery behind 66750 is now solved, but unfortunately we don't have any indications for 66751's true identity yet. The only thing we do know, is that it will be a Beacon Rail loco as well.

Update: We have various indications now that the former HHPI29006 (there is a new 29006 with HHPI now) will become GBRf's 66751.

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