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2013-10-24 - [DE] New diesels for DB Fernverkehr?

Home News Archive 2013-10-24 - [DE] New diesels for DB Fernverkehr?

On 22 October, DB Fernverkehr released a tender for the delivery of 7 to 10 new diesel locomotives with an option to double the number of locomotives of the fixed order. A minimum power rating of 2700 kW is required in combination with a minimum top speed of 140 km/h. Further specifications are a minimum starting tractive effort of 270 kN, Stage IIIB emission standard compliance and D2 axle-load clearance. Also, the locomotives should be prepared for ETCS.

View the complete tender on ted.europa.eu: link.

MLD analysis: There aren't that many diesel locomotives that comply to these requirements. The Bombardier TRAXX DE, Siemens Vectron DE and Pesa GAMA diesels are too light (up to 2400 kW).

Voith's Maxima platform, which it seems to have (partly) abandoned, could be strong enough, but is too slow (up to 120 km/h). This also applies to GE's PowerHaul locomotive.

So what's readily available in the market then? Vossloh's EURO 4000 passenger variant is strong and fast, but doesn't meet the EU IIIB requirement. However, the EUROLight is able to meet all requirements with a 2800 kW motor, a starting tractive effort of 300 kN, a top speed of 140 km/h and an optional EU IIIB emission compliance.

Of course, also custom made products are possible. The future will learn us what the market comes up with.

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