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2014-01-07 - [PL] New diesels for PKP IC: round 2

Home News Archive 2014-01-07 - [PL] New diesels for PKP IC: round 2

Last year PKP IC issued a tender for the delivery of 10 new passenger diesel locomotives with a maximum speed of 140 km/h. However, of the three bidders, non placed a successful bid. Vossloh Espaņa proved to be to expensive and experienced technical issues in the bidding process. Newag's bid was also to high, while Pesa's bid incorporated unrealistically low maintenance costs.

Recently, the tendering procedure was started again for a second round. Rynek Kolejowy now reports that bidding is no longer possible and that only Polish manufacturers have submitted their offers. Pesa and Newag are the only ones left with offers worth 131 mln Zloty and 160 mln Zloty respectively. So it seems were going to see either Gama or Griffin diesel locomotives entering service with PKP IC. Maintenance is included in the price for both bids. Read more at Rynek-Kolejowy.pl.

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