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2014-01-30 - [GB] Colas Rail PowerHauls; next one please [Updated 2014-01-31]

Home News Archive 2014-01-30 - [GB] Colas Rail PowerHauls; next one please [Updated 2014-01-31]

According to MarineTraffic.com, combined ro-ro/container carrier Atlantic Compass arrived in Liverpool this morning at 08:26 local time. The ship had brand new Colas Rail PowerHaul 70804 on board. It will accompany 70803 and 70805, which have remained at the Liverpool Docks ever since there arrival on January 4. Both locos are still placed on wooden blocks.

Update: 70804 has been unloaded and awaits further transport with 70803 and 70805. A first image of 70804 making its first meters in Liverpool on Flickr: link.


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