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2014-02-09 - [World] GE Transportation: will 2014 be the year of the PowerHaul?

Home News Archive 2014-02-09 - [World] GE Transportation: will 2014 be the year of the PowerHaul?

2014 has only just started and January already marked the delivery of the first four PowerHauls of this year: three to the UK for Colas Rail and one to Korea for KoRail. Time for an overview of what else is to happen in 2014.

PH37ACmi - Colas Rail Class 70/8 - 10 units
On January 4, Colas Rail 70803 and 70805 arrived at the docks of Liverpool (image link), followed by 70804 on January 30. All three locos still reside at the docks. Placed on wooden blocks or their transit trailer, they await their delivery to Colas Rail. Meanwhile, it has been indicated that 70802 is finished and that it awaits to be shipped towards the UK.

When 70802 arrives at Liverpool, the first five of ten PowerHauls will be on British soil. The second batch and last batch of five (70806-70810) for the British operator is reported to be under construction at the moment and is expected to be delivered later this year.

PH37ACi - HHPI 29000 - 2 units
German operator Heavy Haul Power International has two PowerHaul locomotives on order with an option to increase this number to six. Both HHPI 29008 (II) and HHPI 29009 are in Belgium now for homologation trials. On January 24, HHPI 29008 (II) was underway on the Belgium network for trials (image link). Test runs in Germany and the Netherlands are foreseen as well and it is assumed that at least one of these countries will be paid a visit this year.

PH37ACi - TCDD DE 37000 - 20 units
In January 2013, the Turkish state railways (TCDD) ordered a batch of twenty PowerHaul locomotives. However, a time horizon for the production start was not given. Could 2014 be the year the first Turkish PowerHauls roll out of the Tülomsas factory in Eskişehir?

PH37ACmai - UGL 001-003 - 3 units
For the Australian market, three prototype locomotives are being built by UGL, the local partner of GE Transportation. There do not seem to be orders for this PowerHaul type yet. However, the first locomotive was sighted at the UGL works in October, 2013 (image link), so we can probably expect the other two demonstrators this year as well.

KoRail 7600 - 25 units
This year the delivery of 25 PowerHaul locomotives to Korean national railway operator KoRail will take place. Built by GE in cooperation with Hyundai Rotem, they will be used for both passenger and freight services within South Korea. Trials with the first locomotive (7601) have commenced trials last month.

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