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2014-02-09 - [FR] BB 75000 + passengers services = BB 75300

Home News Archive 2014-02-09 - [FR] BB 75000 + passengers services = BB 75300

SNCF Intercités is to lease ten Akiem BB 75000 locomotives for use on overnight trains. On non-electrified lines they will replace the older BB 67400 series locomotives. The Primas will mainly see service on the relations Paris Austerlitz - Briançon and Paris Austerlitz - Rodez/Albi.

The BB 75000 units involved will receive equipment that allows the train driver and the conductor to communicate, as well as a new livery. Also, a new sub series is created for these ten locos: BB 75300.

MLD: The numbers of the locomotives involved are still unknown to us for now.

(Today's Railways Europe)

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