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2014-03-19 - [DE] Nah.sh Traxx DE Multi Engine? That may look like this:

Home News Archive 2014-03-19 - [DE] Nah.sh Traxx DE Multi Engine? That may look like this:

Landesverkehrsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein (LVS) has its own brand identity for rail travel in this Bundesland, known as nah.sh. It has its own corporate identity. Another contract of LVS has been awarded to DB Regio. These trains will be two-tone green. Based on this style we made a first impression of the nah.sh Traxx Multi Engine locomotive:

Also note that the current 'Netz West' concession, containing the train service between Hamburg and Westerland (Sylt), is running to an end. In 2015, a new concession period will start, ending in 2025. 90 passenger coaches will be taken over from the NOB and next to the 15 Traxx locos, 3 multiple units will be acquired by Schleswig-Holstein. This presentation about the 'Netz West' concession contains an artist impression of what the new Traxx locomotives might look like: link.

With the 'Netz West' concession coming to an end and with the acquisition of new Traxx diesel locomotives, the EuroRunner era comes to an end. Various MRCE and three Ascendos Rail EuroRunners are therefore likely to become available again.

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