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2014-03-25 - [ES/FR] A brand new EURO 4000 turns up in Barcelona

Home News Archive 2014-03-25 - [ES/FR] A brand new EURO 4000 turns up in Barcelona

A new EURO 4000 locomotive, numbered 4027, turned up at a container terminal in Barcelona. We are not completely sure about its future owner yet. However, judging by its white livery with small Vossloh logos, we're 99% sure that it will be delivered to ETF from France that has two units on order.

A second white locomotive has already been sighted in Valencia. It's likely that both machines will be making trials for the Marathon Project, in which two trains are combined up to 1,500 meters in length.

Update: ETF will receive E4029 and E4030, not E4027 and E4028.


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