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2014-07-05 - [PL] Pesa Gama diesel not yet officially ordered

Home News Archive 2014-07-05 - [PL] Pesa Gama diesel not yet officially ordered

Rynek Kolejowy reports that PKP Intercity has not yet signed the contract for 10 Pesa Gama diesel locomotives, although the Polish manufacturer had won the tender for the 10 machines in February. Pesa is now in a difficult position as the European subsidy involved in the deal will only be awarded if the locomotives are delivered before the end of 2015.

The question that arises then is "why does Pesa not build the locomotives on stock?". According to Rynek Kolejowy, PKP IC wants to monitor the production closely. This prevents the Polish manufacturer of starting up the production.

(Rynek Kolejowy)

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