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2014-11-25 - [FI/CZ] Finnish start-up Fennia Rail orders CZ LOKO diesels

Home News Archive 2014-11-25 - [FI/CZ] Finnish start-up Fennia Rail orders CZ LOKO diesels

Next year, new Finnish freight operator Fennia Rail will commence operations. In the autumn of 2015, the company will receive three 774.7F locomotives ordered from Czech manufacturer CZ LOKO. The six-axle 774.7F has a maximum speed of 90km/h and a power rating of 1550kW. Weighing 120 tonnes, it has an axle load of 20 tonnes per axle. The engines for the locomotives will be supplied by Caterpillar.

The full press statement by Fennia Rail:

Fennia Rail Oy has made a supply agreement for three diesel locomotives with the Czech CZ Loko a.s. Locomotives will be delivered to Fennia Rail in the fall of next year, and the company will then start freight transport on the Finnish rail network.

“The long uncertainty of the availability of railway rolling stock suited for Finnish conditions has come to an end. Our Czech partner has built locomotives for 160 years and has experience in building those for different climate conditions and track gauges. With these locomotives we can start freight transport on the Finnish railways in 2015”, says Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Fennia Rail.

The combustion engines will be manufactured by Caterpillar and will fulfill modern emission regulations. They will have the highest traction capacity and lowest emissions of any diesel locomotive in Finland.

“Our operations are based on environmental friendliness, safety and economic efficiency, with which we offer a competitive mode of transport for Finnish industries – straight connections to ports, for example”, says Petri Lempiäinen, Fennia Rail’s chairman of the board.

(Fennia Rail/RB)

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