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2014-11-30 - [GB] Last batch of GBRf Class 66s is on its way

Home News Archive 2014-11-30 - [GB] Last batch of GBRf Class 66s is on its way

GB Railfreight has indicated that the final batch of new Class 66s is on its way. The locomotives have left the factory and are currently on a ship heading for the UK. Arrival is expected for 5-6 December.

These seven locomotives (66766-66772) are most likely the last Class 66s ever built. In total, 676 units of the type have been produced. With Stage IIIb emission regulations coming into force from 1 January 2015, the current Stage IIIa compliant design may no longer be supplied to European countries. EMD/Progress Rail have mentioned that a Stage IIIb compliant version will not be developed and - even though the IIIa version could be supplied to non-EU countries - the production line will be discontinued.

For a complete overview of all owners of Class 66 locomotives (and all 676 locos!), check out our section about them: link.

(GB Railfreight/DP)

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