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2014-12-02 - [ZA] Prasa presents first EURO 4000 locomotive

Home News Archive 2014-12-02 - [ZA] Prasa presents first EURO 4000 locomotive

On December 1, South African passenger operator PRASA presented the first of twenty EURO 4000 locomotives to the public. The locomotives are earmarked as the AFRO 4000 series and are adapted to specific South African conditions. The most obvious modifications are the 1067mm gauge bogies and the automatic couplers.

Locomotive AFRO4001 will be subject to a three-month period of tests before entering service in March. A next batch of locomotives will make its debut on South African soil in January 2015. By March, fifteen EURO 4000 locomotives are to be delivered, with the remaining five to be delivered later in 2015.

Next to twenty EURO 4000 locomotives, Vossloh will also build fifty EURO DUAL locomotives for South Africa. In fact, Vossloh has recently started the construction of these electro-diesels. In 2016, delivery of all DUAL locomotives should be completed.

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