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2014-12-16 - [EU] Unknown PowerHaul returns from the USA [Updated x3]

Home News Archive 2014-12-16 - [EU] Unknown PowerHaul returns from the USA [Updated x3]

Two PH37ACai (version for European mainland) PowerHaul locomotives have been residing at GE's locomotive works in Erie, Pennsylvania for tests. They were first two locomotives of their type that were assembled by Tulomsas:

TLMGE 001 - 29008 (I)
TLMGE 002 - ?

The first locomotive (TLMGE 001) we know from InnoTrans 2012, where it was presented as HHPI 29008. Shortly after the fair it was shipped to the United States. The fourth built locomotive (TLMGE 004) was then delivered to HHPI as the real 29008.

The second locomotive (TLMGE 002) appears to have been shipped directly from Turkey to the USA upon completion.

It appears that one of the two locomotives is now making its way to Europe. Ro-Ro/Containership Atlantic Compass is on its way to Antwerp with a PowerHaul locomotive on board.

Update (x3): After calling at Antwerp, the Atlantic Compass headed for Göteborg, Sweden. Now the ship seems to be on its way to Hamburg again, where it is expected to leave again tomorrow night. So let's see where the locomotive will turn up.


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