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2014-12-30 - [Analysis] MainlineDiesels.net: the diesels (and engines) in our database

Home News Archive 2014-12-30 - [Analysis] MainlineDiesels.net: the diesels (and engines) in our database

This year, we introduced the "Analysis" to our website, giving insight in developments in the market for modern mainline diesel locomotives. With the end of 2014 in sight, we figured it was time for some statistics again. This time, we take a closer, but less serious, look at the locomotives on MLD.

Did you know we have more than 2,200 diesel locomotives in our database? Together, these locomotives produce over 5 GW of power! The smallest locomotive on our website, the SBB Am 841, produces a mere 920 kW, whilst the Voith Maxima 40 CC has the highest power rating with 3,600 kW.

Of course, all that power has to come from somewhere. To be precise, this comes from 2362 diesel engines, ranging from 6- to 16-cylinder versions and having over 30,000 cylinders in total. The graph above shows the 6 manufacturers that supplied the engines and the number of engines they supplied each. EMD leads the way with more than 1,100 engines, most of which are of the 710 series which are used in EMD's Class 66 and Vossloh's EURO 4000 for example. MTU that builds on its succesful 4000 series engines takes second place. The last place is for ABC, due to the small number of Maxima locomotives that have been built.

It will be interesting to see how these numbers will change over the next couple of years. Especially, now EMD has no Stage IIIb compliant engine types available, but Caterpillar and MTU have. Therefore, we expect the latter two to gain market share. Furthermore, GE Transportation claims it can achieve Stage IIIb compliance with its PowerHaul P616 engine in the future, which is mostly beneficial for the continuation of its PowerHaul locomotive platform within Europe.

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