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2015-01-03 - [DE] PowerHaul gathering in Cottbus

Home News Archive 2015-01-03 - [DE] PowerHaul gathering in Cottbus

According to a post on DSO, there is/was a small gathering of PowerHaul locomotives at the Cottbus workshop. Here they will be prepared for their entry into service. Not only HHPI 29008 and HHPI 29009 were there on the last day of 2014, but also TCDD liveried DE 29006 (not to be delivered to TCDD!) and up to 6 locomotives in yellow undercoat.

Of the 6 'naked' locomotives, 5 were transported by rail from Turkey to Germany last month. The 6th locomotive could be the one that returned from the USA recently, but this is still subject to confirmation.


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