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2015-01-30 - [FR/ES] Vossloh receives orders for 12 EURO 4000 locos

Home News Archive 2015-01-30 - [FR/ES] Vossloh receives orders for 12 EURO 4000 locos

Vossloh has announced to have sold another twelve EURO 4000 locomotives, bringing the total number of locos in France to 44. All locomotives will feature Stage IIIa complaint EMD 16-710 series engines. An overview:

1: 4 locomotives for Europorte
These four locomotives were directly purchased by Europorte France. This order does not seem to be completely new and most likely concerns the optional four locomotives we reported about in August last year: link.

2: 2 locomotives for VFLI
We know these locomotives better as E4027-4028. Both locomotives were delivered to VFLI this month and were directly purchased by the French operator, not leased. Just like E4017-4022, they are equipped for services in France and Belgium.

3: 6 locomotives for Beacon Rail Leasing
This new order, placed on December 18 2014, concerns six locomotives for VFLI that will be leased from Beacon Rail Leasing. Their delivery is scheduled between April and September 2016. Together with E4017-4022 (also leased from Beacon Rail) and E4027-4028, VFLI's fleet will consist of 14 EURO 4000 locomotives. At the same time, Beacon Rail Leasing's portfolio of EURO 4000 locomotives will be raised to 30.

(Vossloh/VFLI/Beacon Rail)

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