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2015-02-05 - [DE] NAH.SH 245 201 makes its maiden run [Updated]

Home News Archive 2015-02-05 - [DE] NAH.SH 245 201 makes its maiden run [Updated]

This is locomotive 245 201-9 for Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH GmbH) via Paribus-DIF. It has a completely different livery than what was expected and the one presented during the press release of the order last year. No lime and green, but blue, dark blue, white and grey instead. It does not comply with that previous corporate identity of NAH.SH at that point at all. However, in late 2014, the livery was changed to a mix of light and dark blue and this is the final result of the NAH.SH identity change.

Bombardier will build fifteen such locomotives, all to be delivered this year. They will be operated on the route from Hamburg to Westerland (Sylt) by an operator that is still to be selected.


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