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2015-03-24 - [GB] DB Schenker 67004 named Cairn Gorm

Home News Archive 2015-03-24 - [GB] DB Schenker 67004 named Cairn Gorm

On March 23, DB Schenker 67004 was named "Cairn Gorm" at an official event at Inverness, marking the launch of the Serco-run Caledonian Sleeper train service. The loco recently received a Caledonian Blue livery at the DB Traction Maintenance Depot in Toton. The Caledonian sleeper service operates between London and Scotland and is currently part of the First ScotRail franchise. From April 1, it will be operated by Serco as a stand-alone franchise.

Traction power for the current Caledonian Sleeper is provided by DB Schenker in the form of Class 67 diesel locomotives and Class 90 electrics. For the new franchise, Serco has contracted GB Railfreight for this purpose. The latter will use a mix of Class 92 electrics and Class 73/9 electro-diesels. Until the Class 73/9s come available, DB Schenker Class 67 will be used as stopgap solution.

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