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2014-04-15 - [DE] Traxx Multi Engine arrives at the Südostbayernbahn

Home News Archive 2014-04-15 - [DE] Traxx Multi Engine arrives at the Südostbayernbahn

On 10.04.2014, Traxx Multi Engine no.008 left the Bombardier factory in Kassel. Meanwhile, it has arrived in Mühldorf. It is the first engine to be operated by DB subsidiary Südostbayernbahn. This operator will get eight locomotives of of the first batch of 20.

The locos will be predominantly used to haul double deck trains on the Simbach - München relation and will replace the good old 218 series DB locomotives. Currently, 008 is being used for tests. On Monday the locomotive pulled a test train to Augsburg with a top speed of 160 kph.


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