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2009-12-29 - [EU] DB concern to explore the mainline diesel market

Home News Archive 2009-12-29 - [EU] DB concern to explore the mainline diesel market

The DB concern has decided to explore the market for mainline diesel locomotives once again. This time they want to come to a general agreement with a manufacturer about the delivery of up to 200 mainline diesel locomotives. Depending on the contracts the DB is able to obtain in the near future, number, configuration and service domain of these new units will be determined. So units can end up in freight service of DB Schenker in Poland or Euro Cargo Rail in France for example. Or maybe they will haul double stock rakes for DB Regio to Austria, or haul international passenger services of business units that still have to be founded. Be prepared for everything so to say.

Back to the facts:
- emission: Stage IIIB, for sub series Stage IIIA is discussable
- speed: 140 kph minimum, 160 kph optional
- tractive effort: 236 kN minimum, 270 kN should be possible however
- energy system: 300 kVA minimum

These new units should be able to haul a 6-car double stock rake with 140 kph, still having an tractive effort surplus of 30 kN. These specifications leave much room for creative solutions from all over the world (think USA/Canada, China, Russia, Germany, France) so it's not very useful to speculate about possible candidates for this order. For sure it will a prestigious matter. We will just have to wait and see.

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