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2013-02-22 - [DE] Multi Engine Traxx update

Home News Archive 2013-02-22 - [DE] Multi Engine Traxx update

With all of its four diesel engines running, the Bpmbardier Traxx DE Multi Engine was recently under way on the manufacturer’s Kassel site. At the moment the locomotive is being put through the last functional tests and measurements on the load testing rig. The tests have been so successful that the first locomotive was conveyed to the test circle in Velim [CZ] this week. Plans are to test it there for its capability to running long distances, starting end of February.

Prior to the current testing, the propulsion concept with several diesel engines was put through its paces at the Bombardier Power Lab in Zurich, Switzerland. The drive concept was developed together with German universities – and has now been successfully passed testing.


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