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2015-05-19 - [ES] New livery for Renfe AMF 333.3s

Home News Archive 2015-05-19 - [ES] New livery for Renfe AMF 333.3s

With the restructuring of Renfe, also a ROSCO (rolling stock company or leasing company) was formed: Renfe Alquiler de Material Ferroviario, SA. Renfe 333.319.2 has now received a new livery for Renfe's leasing operations. Additionally, the loco has received Continental Rail logos, identifying the current operator of the locomotive. An image of the loco with its new livery can be found here: link.

Also Renfe 333.313 and 333.321 should be wearing the new Renfe AMF livery now.

(Simon Wijnakker)

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