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2015-07-21 - [EU] MRCE sells 27 diesel locomotives to Beacon Rail Leasing

Home News Archive 2015-07-21 - [EU] MRCE sells 27 diesel locomotives to Beacon Rail Leasing

Beacon Rail Leasing has finalized a deal with MRCE for the purchase of 27 diesel locomotives. Ownership of the first 10 locomotives has already been transferred to Beacon Rail, the remaining 17 locomotives will find their way to Beacon Rail during the next couple of months. The deal concerns 17 EMD Class 66 locomotives and 10 Siemens EuroRunner locomotives. All existing lease contracts of operators with MRCE will be continued under Beacon Rail.

Ted Gaffney, CEO of Beacon Rail Leasing, states: "Acquiring this portfolio of diesel locomotives is in line with our strategy, growth ambitions, and our commitment to being the leader in this segment of the market. It adds to our existing fleet of heavy diesel locomotives. Our current fleet includes a significant number of Class 66 locomotives, so this acquisition allows us to continue to leverage our existing skills, expertise and experience to better serve the needs of our customers and the market. The acquisition of the ER20 locomotives expands our reach deeper into western and central Europe, so we are very pleased with this transaction."

“For more than 10 years we have had a strong position in the European railway market.” stated Masayoshi Hosoya, CEO of MRCE. “This strong position comes from differentiated technical expertise and strong relationships with our clients. Those strengths have been helping us to build a portfolio which is prepared for the future. MRCE is constantly working on improving its services and locomotive fleet and for this reason we decided to sell these locomotives and to invest in core assets. With this transaction we believe we are creating a win-win situation for both companies involved. It allows MRCE to focus more on enhancing our core competencies of technical services and capturing the fast-growing demand of the locomotive lease market.”


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