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2015-07-29 - [DE] Railcolor: Hector Rail 241.005 picks up 245 204

Home News Archive 2015-07-29 - [DE] Railcolor: Hector Rail 241.005 picks up 245 204

This morning, Hector Rail 241.005 arrived in Kassel Rangierbahnhof to pick up a locomotive in complementary colours: Paribus 245 204 for NAH.SH.

The route of these machines: Krefeld - Dortmund - Rostock - Trelleborg - Malmö. According to various sources, Bombardier's customer Hector Rail wants to know if the operator can successfully use a Traxx DE ME locomotive in mixed traction with its 241 series electrics. This, because a vital part of the Danish network is temporarily without catenary.

(Christian Klotz)

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