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2015-08-06 - [DK] Traxx Multi Engine and Traxx AC2 combined runs

Home News Archive 2015-08-06 - [DK] Traxx Multi Engine and Traxx AC2 combined runs

According to various sources, Bombardier's customer Hector Rail wants to know if the operator can successfully use a Traxx DE ME locomotive in mixed traction with its Class 241 series electrics. Now a vital part of the Danish network north of Padborg is temporarily without catenary, there is an excellent opportunity to test this.

On the sections without overhead power, 245 204 is used to pull the freight trains while being controlled from the Class 241 Traxx AC2 in front of it. Various impressions of the Multi Engine Traxx during combined operations can be found here (link) and here (link).

The Hector Rail 241 in these images is technically used as driving trailer. Its pantographs are down and locked. The main switch is off. Tractive effort comes 100% from the NAH.SH 245 204 with is controlled from the cabin of the 241. So, there is no driver in the cab of the diesel locomotive.

Although unconfirmed, it has been indicated that after testing in Denmark has been completed 245 204 will also pay Sweden a visit.

(Martin Drube / Martin Greiner / Andreas Staal)

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