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2015-09-07 - [CZ] Impressions of CZ LOKO's 774.7

Home News Archive 2015-09-07 - [CZ] Impressions of CZ LOKO's 774.7

Last weekend we received two impressions of CZ LOKO's 774.7 from the Czech Republic. The first one shows 774.7F (Finnish version) locomotive 774 711 for Finnish open access operator Fennia Rail.

Of course, the three locomotives that are soon to be delivered to Fennia Rail are not the first of the type. In the Czech Republic, also Sokolovská uhelná (launching customer of the type) operates three 774.7 locomotives (774 701-703), of which 774 702 can be seen in the second image. Furthermore, SD - Kolejová doprava operates one locomotive (774 704).

(Aleš Bílek)

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