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2015-10-02 - [FR] Europorte 4035 in Saint-Jory

Home News Archive 2015-10-02 - [FR] Europorte 4035 in Saint-Jory

Earlier this week, we already reported about the delivery of the brand new 4036 and 4037 to Europorte France. We still missed 4035, which arrived at Saint Jory on September 17 already.

Loco 4037 will arrive in Saint Jory on October 15 with a fuel train Miramas-Saint Jory under its own power, similar to 4036 on September 24. The trains not only serve as a way of transfering the loco to Saint Jory, but also provide the opportunity to perform load tests. 4038, the last of this batch of four, will arrive in Saint Jory a week later, on October 22.

(Thierry Leleu)

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