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2015-11-04 - [IT] EUROLIGHT 284 002 handed over to Dinazzano Po

Home News Archive 2015-11-04 - [IT] EUROLIGHT 284 002 handed over to Dinazzano Po

If we have translated the Facebook post below correctly, Vossloh has officially handed over EUROLIGHT locomotive 284 002 to Italian operator Dinazzano Po (DP) some days ago. DP is not only the first to operate a Vossloh locomotive built in Spain, it is also the first to take a EUROLIGHT into service. Sister locomotive 284 001 is currently residing at the Vossloh works in Albuixech.

Of the UKLIGHT, the EUROLIGHT variant for the United Kingdom which is better known as Class 68, 32 have been ordered by Direct Rail Services (DRS) through Beacon Rail Leasing. At this moment, 17 of the 32 locomotives have been delivered and 15 are currently in service. Vossloh will also deliver 10 UK DUAL locomotives to DRS/Beacon Rail Leasing, the hybrid variant of the UKLIGHT, and 50 EURO DUAL locomotives, the hybrid variant of the EUROLIGHT, to PRASA/Swifambo Rail Leasing from South Africa next year.

NEWS: VOSSLOH EUROLIGHT A SERMIDEQualche giorno fa la locomotiva prototipo 284.002, capostipite in Italia tra le...

Posted by Fotografia Ferroviaria Digitale on woensdag 4 november 2015

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