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2015-11-11 - [IN] Indian railways: Mega orders for Alstom and GE

Home News Archive 2015-11-11 - [IN] Indian railways: Mega orders for Alstom and GE

Alstom has received a Letter of Award[1] from the Ministry of Railways to supply Indian Railways with 800 double section freight electric locomotives with associated long-term maintenance[2]. The total contract is worth above 3 billion. This project includes the set-up of a plant at Madhepura (Bihar state) and two maintenance depots at Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh state) and Nagpur (Maharashtra state). The delivery of the locomotives will spread between 2018 and 2028.

The Prima locomotive for Indian Railways will be 9,000 kW at the wheel rim and will run at a speed up to 120 km/h. This contract positions Alstom as the number one on heavy-haul electric locomotives segment with now over 1,200 double locomotives ordered for the last decade.

GE got the diesel locomotive contract
The statement of Alstom follows one day after US manufacturer General Electric (GE) announced it 2.6 billion dollar deal to supply 1.000 diesel locomotives to India. GE will invest 200 million dollar in building a new factory in the Marhowra district. From there it will deliver 100 locomotives each year, for a period of ten years.

GE wil built two models: a 4.500 hp and a 6.000 hp diesel-electric freight locomotive, both with GE Evolution engines. The first units are scheduled to be delivered in January 2018. The first 100 locomotives will be imported turnkey or assembled in India using imported kits, the rest must be built in India with mostly Indian content.

Both deals are made possible because the Indian government has allowed 'foreign direct investments' (FDI) in the country to spur growth in domestic manufacturing.

The complete Alstom press statement
The official statement of GE Transportation here.

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