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2015-12-20 - [FR] First Akiem 75300s enter service with SNCF Intercités

Home News Archive 2015-12-20 - [FR] First Akiem 75300s enter service with SNCF Intercités

As of December 13, the first four Akiem BB 75300 locomotives have entered service on SNCF Intercités night services. Locos 75320, 75333, 75340 and 75341 have been selected as traction power for the night trains on the route Valence-Briançon. As the images show, the locos in question have been decorated with pink accents and SNCF logos to highlight that they are in use for SNCF passenger operations.

Since mid-2014, a total of 9 BB 75000 locomotives has gradually been rebuilt as passenger locomotive and subsequently been renumbered in the BB 75300 number series. It concerns locomotives 75320, 75323, 75326, 75328, 75329, 75330, 75333, 75340, 75341. The orginal plan from 2014 concerned the retrofitting of ten machines for use on two different night train relations, so unless plans have changed another machine is yet to be retrofitted.

(André Grouillet / David Haydock)

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