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2016-03-03 - [World] DB Cargo is the new DB Schenker Rail

Home News Archive 2016-03-03 - [World] DB Cargo is the new DB Schenker Rail

You may have read about the current re-organization of the Deutsche Bahn. Together with consultation company McKinsey, it is redefining its services and organizational structure, so it can face the rapidly changing market circumstances.

One of the measures taken is the merger of all rail transport services of the Deutsche Bahn into one division now called 'Traffic & Transport'. Railfreight logistics is taken out of the logistics division and will continue under the 'good old' DB Cargo brand name. To the outside world the Traffic & Transport division will brand itself as 'DB' so we don't expect locomotives nor carriages to get DB Cargo logos again. So the DB logo currently in use will stay as it is.

Until the end, all international railfreight divisions (for example DB Schenker Rail Polska and DB Schenker Rail Italia) will be renamed as DB Cargo.

The non-rail logistic services will continue under the name DB Schenker. Separating the rail related activities from the rest fits the strategy to (partially) sell the new DB Schenker. DB has intentions to do this, but faces strong opposition form the German government. To be continued.

For our Railcolor.net and MainlineDiesels.net, it means we have to rename the owner name of several thousands of locomotives. This will be done in one big batch. We are working on it.

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