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2016-05-25 - [LV] First 2M62UM locomotive presented in Latvia [Updated]

Home News Archive 2016-05-25 - [LV] First 2M62UM locomotive presented in Latvia [Updated]

During festivities in Latvia celebrating the 155-year anniversary of the first railway line in Latvia, the first 2M62U loco modernized by CZ LOKO was presented to the public. Of the old locomotives, the bogies and underframe have been re-used, reminding us that this double locomotives used to be a 2M62U. The rest of the locomotive was newly built by CZ LOKO at its Jihlava works in kit form and assembled at the LDz's service depot in Riga.

Next to a new body, the locomotives also received new engines. The 2M62UM is powered by two 16-cylinder MTU type 16V 4000 R43 engines, delivering a total power output of 4.4MW. With the new engines, the locomotive complies with EU 97/68 Stage IIIa emission legislation.

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