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SETRAG Class 66

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In short

In June 2011 two yellow painted Class 66 locomotives were spotted at the NedTrain workshops at Rotterdam Waalhaven. These two locos were the first of its type for Gabonese railway operator SETRAG. Numbered as CC 401 and CC 402, they were shipped from the Port of Rotterdam to the African continent in July of the same year. Both locos were originally foreseen for Crossrail Benelux, but never entered service with the Belgian operator.


The manufacturer of CC 401 and CC 402, EMD, was acquired by Progress Rail in August 2010. Under EMD the JT42CWRM production line was closed in favour of a more modern successor: the Class 66EU. Against all expectations, Progress Rail continued the production of JT42CWRM locomotives at its Muncie plant and cancelled the plans for a successor. Between 2011 and 2012 four extra locomotives for SETRAG rolled out of the Muncie plant, numbered CC 403 - CC 406.

1 order
6 locomotives
Order date: __.__.2010 
1st batch (20088076)
2 locomotives (originally for Crossrail Benelux)
Delivery date: 09.2011
> Designation: CC 401 - CC 402
2nd batch (20108460)
4 locomotives
Delivery period: 12.2011 - 03.2012
> Designation: CC 403 - CC 406


Fleet list - JT42CWRM

Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
EMD 20088076-002 2008 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 401
EMD 20088076-003 2008 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 402
Progress Rail 20108460-001 2011 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 403
Progress Rail 20108460-002 2011 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 404
Progress Rail 20108460-003 2012 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 405
Progress Rail 20108460-004 2012 JT42CWRM Co'Co'-de SETRAG CC 406