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[GB] GB Railfreight (GBRf) Class 66 deliveries to commence soon

Home GM / EMD / Progress Rail JT42CWR(M/-T1) / Class 66 SETRAG [GB] GB Railfreight (GBRf) Class 66 deliveries to commence soon

Railways Illustrated reports on Twitter that 5 of 21 new Class 66 locomotives (66752-66756) are finished and will set sail for the UK next weekend.

Update: GBRf66752 has been named "The Hoosier State" at the factory yesterday. The Hoosier State is another name for Indiana, where the new units are being built currently at Progress Rail's factory in Muncie. An image: link.

Note that, eventhough these are the first new Class 66 locomotives for the UK that have been built in Muncie, these aren't the first ones to be built here after the closure of the EMD factory in London, Canada. For SETRAG from Gabon four units were built and delivered in 2011 as CC 403 - 406.

We are still in search for the works numbers of all Muncie built Class 66s. Do you know more? Then feel free to contact as by mail: mainlinediesels@gmail.com.

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