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[GB] DRS 68023-025 arrive in the UK

Home Stadler Rail Valencia UKLIGHT Beacon Rail Class 68 [GB] DRS 68023-025 arrive in the UK

Today (April 5), Dutch general cargo vessel Eendracht arrived at the Port of Workington with three new Class 68 locomotives on board: 68023, 024 and 025. With the arrival of the locos in the UK, the entire second batch of the type (68016-025) has now been completed by Stadler Rail Valencia. The three will be transported by rail to Carlisle Kingmoor tomorrow. Later this year, delivery of a third batch will commence, consisting of seven locomotives: 68026-032.

Similar to other locomotives of the second batch, 68023-025 have been delivered in a base blue livery. DRS vinyls will be applied by the operator itself. Of the recently delivered 68020-022, two locos have recenlty been brought into the DRS livery by the British operator. It concerns 68020 and 68022. 68021 will follow soon.

(Brian Garvin / Howard Lewsey / Malcolm Wilton-Jones)

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