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Railcare EURO 4000

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In short

In May 2009, the Railcare Group took over two EURO 4000 locomotives from Vossloh España. Both locos were originally ordered by Allco Finance, but this leasing company decided to focus more on the Australian and US market. As a result Allco's European fleet was sold to BTMU, but both EURO 4000 locomotives were not included in the deal.


In Sweden, the machines have been in use for freight and construction operations ever since. Late September, Railcare announced that it would start offering leasing services as well. This was illustrated when Cargonet hired both machines in the second half of 2012.

1 order
2 locomotives 
Order date: __.05.2009 
Delivery period: __.2009 - __.2009 
> Designation: 68 901 - 902


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Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Vossloh 2504 2006 EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de Railcare 68 901-8
Vossloh 2503 2006 EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de Railcare 68 902-6