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HHPI PowerHaul

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One couldn't miss it at InnoTrans 2012: the PowerHaul locomotive for the European mainland. At this international railway trade fair it had its debut in the form of HHPI 29008. Heavy Haul Power International GmbH (HHPI) is launching customer of this version of the PowerHaul locomotive, officially known as PH37ACai. The number of units ordered varies from two to six locomotives, but all will have Tempo on board. Tempo is the ETCS solution of GE Transportation, which will be tested by HHPI in cooperation with GE Transportation. Together they plan to get the locomotive and Tempo approved for Germany and the Benelux.


It took some time, but in 2016 finally some developments could be reported. Not two, not six, or anything in between, but nine locomotives have been ordered by the German operator. Besides 29008 (II) and 29009, seven other locomotives are involved in the agreement. Except for 29008 (I), which was presented at InnoTrans 2012 and subsequently transported to Erie in the USA, all other machines were part of the additional batch. In 2016 and 2017, these machines were restyled into the HHPI colour scheme.


Fleet List

Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Loknummer        
GE TLMGE 004 2013 PH37ACai HHPI 29008
GE TLMGE 005 2013 PH37ACai HHPI 29009
GE TLMGE 002 2013 PH37ACai HHPI 29010
GE TLMGE 003 2013 PH37ACai HHPI 29011
GE TLMGE 006 2014 PH37ACai HHPI 29012
GE TLMGE 007 2014 PH37ACai HHPI 29013
GE TLMGE 008 2014 PH37ACai HHPI 29014
GE TLMGE 009 2014 PH37ACai HHPI 29015
GE TLMGE 010 2014 PH37ACai HHPI 29016