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[BE] Surprise of the day: a PowerHaul loco appears in Belgium!

Home GE Transportation PowerHaul PH37ACai (EU) HHPI [BE] Surprise of the day: a PowerHaul loco appears in Belgium!

Today, Wallorail.be reports about a PowerHaul locomotive in Schaerbeek, Belgium. According to Wallorail, the loco is destined for HHPI and will probably perform homologation runs in Belgium soon.

MLD: If the corresponding images are accurate, then unit 29008 is back. We know this locomotive from the InnoTrans 2012 railway trade fair in Berlin. Afterwards it was transported to the United States, where it was tested and evaluated at GE's production facility in Erie, Pennsylvania for about a year. However, the roof and front parts of this loco where blue during the trade fair and some of the stickers are different or differently positioned. So this raises the question: is it really the same locomotive?

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