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[EU/TK/USA] 1 year of PowerHaul on the European mainland; an overview

Home GE Transportation PowerHaul PH37ACai (EU) HHPI [EU/TK/USA] 1 year of PowerHaul on the European mainland; an overview

With the presentation of the first PowerHaul for the European mainland at the InnoTrans 2012 trade fair in Berlin, GE Transportation announced to enter the European market for heavy diesel locomotives.

Now, one year later, the plans of GE are becoming reality. Several units have now been assembled by Tulomsas and touched down on European tracks last year. The latest arrival was in the form of HHPI 29008 (II), which apparently is a brand new unit.

An overview of all known PH37ACi locomotives:

TLMGE 001 - HHPI29008 (I):
Presented on InnoTrans 2012, it is currently at GE's facility in Erie, USA for evaluation.
TLMGE 004 - HHPI29008 (II):
Arrived in Belgium last September, it awaits homologation process in Schaerbeek.
TLMGE 00x - no number:
Seen in Sweden performing dynamic trial runs last June, it has a grey/yellow off-factory livery.

Based on the factory numbers, we assume that at least three PH37ACi units have been assembled in Turkey until now. Possible candidates for the TLMGE 002 and 003 works numbers are the Swedish loco and perhaps British demonstrator loco 70099/70801

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