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PH37ACmi (UK)

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DE 37001 / 70099 / 70801
In service: 2011-2013
Sold to: Colas Rail Ltd. [GB]

Fleet Overview

Macquarie European Rail Ltd. [GB]
Colas Rail Ltd. [GB]

Technical Details

Total length 21710 mm
Total height 3917 mm
Total width 2642 mm
Clearance gauge UK L-A1-1806
Axle characteristics  
Wheel diameter 1067 mm
Axle arrangement Co'Co'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 129 tonnes
Axle load 21,5 tonnes
Route availability UK RA 7
Traction performance  
Top speed 120 km/h / 75 mph
Starting tractive effort 544 kN
Continuous tractive effort 427 kN
Maximum braking effort 180 kN
Propulsion characteristics  
Fuel tank capacity 6000 L
Number of traction motors 6
Traction motor type GE 5GEB30 (axle-hung)
Diesel engine manufacturer GE
Diesel engine type PowerHaul P616
Power rating 2750 kW
Number of cylinders 16
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Emission standards EU 97/68 Stage IIIA
  (EU 97/68 Stage IIIB)
Electrical transmission AC
Multiple working  
Combinations PH37ACmi