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Demonstrator DE 37001 / 70099

Home Wabtec PowerHaul PH37ACmi (UK) Demonstrator

The demonstrator presented here is the first PowerHaul locomotive that was assembled by Tülomsas from Turkey. On February 28 2011 the rollout of the dark green locomotive took place at Eskisehir in Turkey. It is the product of a collaboration between GE and Tülomsas to assemble PowerHaul locomotives closer to the European, Middle Eastern and North African markets. The production kits are supplied by GE's plant in Erie [USA].


In the following year, the demonstrator was tested by the Turkish Railways (TCDD) and demonstrated to potential customers. The loco was numbered DE 37001 according to the Turkish numbering system and decorated with small Turkish flags on the cabs. The locomotive remained in Turkey until October 2012 and was then shipped to the UK.


After it arrived at Newport Docks on the October 16, it lost its Turkish designation. A new number was applied: 70099. After that it was transported to Brush Traction in Loughborough, where it remained until the end of March 2013. The loco was grounded here due to adjustments for the UK's railway system and moreover it supplied parts for Freightliner's 70014 and 70018. Both being out of service and awaiting new parts at the time.


Late 2013, the locomotive was sold to Colas Rail Ltd. as part of an order for ten PowerHaul locomotives. Subsequently, it was renumbered to 70801 on August 28. In December, the locomotive entered the paintshop in Canton. Revenue services with 70801 started in 2014.


DE 37001 / 70099 / 70801:

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
GE (Erie) 2011 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de GE 70099 2 pictures(s) available