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Akiem PowerHaul

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In short

In 2007 Freightliner ordered thirty PowerHaul locomotives from GE Transportation via leasing company Lloyds TSB. With this order the company was launching customer of the UK version of the PowerHaul platform. Late 2009 the first two units arrived in the UK by ship, numbered 70001 and 70002. From that point on things didn't go as planned. Like many new products, the Freightliner PowerHauls experienced teething problems. However, these teething problems weren't minor problems as some units were plagued by electrical fires. More bad luck happened when unit 70012 fell down on the docks while it was being unloaded from a ship on 05.01.2011. A cable broke during its unloading and that resulted in 70012 falling back into the ship's hold. GE did not deliver the locomotive to Freightliner, but shipped it back to the GE plant in Erie, USA. Here the loco's frame was straightened. 70012 has been used as a testbed for various systems ever since. It was even seen on its own power during test runs in 2024.


In the meantime, Freightliner had decided to put the delivery of the last ten units on hold, thereby splitting the order in two batches. The first batch was completed with the arrival of units 70019 and 70020 in February 2012. With loco 70012 not being delivered by GE, the Freightliner fleet has consisted of 19 PowerHaul locomotives since that moment. Although major teething problems belong to the past, it still remains unclear if and when delivery of the last ten units will take place.


In December 2012 Macquarie Group finalised the purchase of the European rolling stock business of Lloyds TSB General Leasing Ltd. Subsequently, the freshly acquired portfolio was transferred to its new subsidiary Macquarie European Rail. In the meantime, it had also become clear that the second batch, comprising of the 10 locomotives (70021-70030) was cancelled.

1 order
30 locomotives
Order date: __.11.2007
1st batch
20 locomotives / 19 delivered
Delivery period: 11.2009 - 02.2012
> Designation: 70001 - 70011, 70013 - 70020
2nd batch (cancelled)
10 locomotives
Delivery period: n/a
> Designation: 70021 - 70030


Fleet List

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
GE (Erie) 58781 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70001 8 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58782 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70002 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58783 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70003 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58784 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70004 9 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58785 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70005 8 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58786 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70006 2 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58787 2009 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70007 8 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58788 2010 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70008 11 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58789 2010 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70009 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58790 2010 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70010 4 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58791 2010 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70011 5 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58792 2010 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70012 1 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58793 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70013 8 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58794 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70014 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58795 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70015 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58796 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70016 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58797 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70017 3 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58798 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70018 4 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58799 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70019 6 pictures(s) available
GE (Erie) 58800 2011 PH37ACmi Co'Co'-de Freightliner 70020 7 pictures(s) available