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[GB] Job cuts and fleet rationalization at DB Cargo UK

Home Stadler Rail Valencia JT42HW-HS [GB] Job cuts and fleet rationalization at DB Cargo UK

66017 and 66001 are seen delivering a Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT) as 6Z18 Toton to Acton on October 1, 2015. Picture by Richard Gennis.

On October 17, DB Cargo (UK) Ltd. announced plans to drastically restructure its operations. As an answer to rapid and unforeseen changes in the rail freight market (e.g. a dramatic decline in core markets such as coal and steel) the operator eyes a reduction of its working force with 893 jobs, a reduction of the number of operational sites and a rationalization of its wagon and locomotive fleets. It must be noted that all plans are still on the drawing board and that final decisions are yet to be made subject to collective and individual consultations.

Hans-Georg Werner, CEO of DB Cargo UK, said: “Responsible and successful businesses must evolve and reshape as their markets change and sometimes this means making tough decisions. Whilst this is a difficult time for all of us at DB Cargo UK, reshaping the company will enable us to build a business for the future and protect the majority of jobs. We are fully committed to supporting colleagues who may be at risk of redundancy."

"We firmly believe in the future of rail freight in the UK. Our motorways and roads are becoming more congested and rail offers fast and clean supply chain solutions. Our new business strategy will ensure we are a perfect logistics partner of choice for customers across all sectors, including construction, automotive and intermodal, long into the future.”

MLD: Currently, DB Cargo UK is preparing the transfer of five of its Class 66 locomotives to France for use with ECR. Read more at: 'DB Cargo sends five more Class 66s to France'

Graphic of DB Cargo UK 66081. This locomotive graphic and many more can also be found on our Class 66 Poster.

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