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[NL/DE/PL] Orange RRF Class 66 locos transferred to Freightliner PL/DE

Home GM / EMD / Progress Rail JT42CWR(M/-T1) / Class 66 Beacon Rail Leasing [NL/DE/PL] Orange RRF Class 66 locos transferred to Freightliner PL/DE

Passed on from RRF to Freightliner DE a week before, 561-05 passes Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station on 14 January 2019. Picture by Rudi Lautenbach.

In late-June, the first Genesee and Wyoming styled Class 66 of RRF was transferred to Freightliner PL: 561-03. The loco subsequently entered service for subsidiary Freightliner DE. Now, the other two locos carrying this livery, 561-04 and 561-05, have been transferred as well. Loco 561-05 could already been seen with Freightliner DE stickers instead of Rail Feeding stickers in Berlin on January 14 (see picture). Both RRF and Freightliner are part of Genesee and Wyoming.

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