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Portrait Progress Rail 20128816-011

Home GM / EMD / Progress Rail JT42CWR(M/-T1) / Class 66 Beacon Rail Leasing Progress Rail 20128816-011
Manufacturer: Progress Rail Type: JT42CWRM
Works number: 20128816-011 Axle configuration: Co'Co'-de
Year of construction: 2014 Track gauge: 1435 mm
Progress Rail 20128816-011 - GBRf "66762"
Water Orton [GB]
David Pemberton
Progress Rail 20128816-011 - GBRf "66762"
Wellingborough, Yard [GB]
Richard Gennis
Progress Rail 20128816-011 - GBRf "66762"
Wickwar [GB]
David Moreton
Progress Rail 20128816-011 - GBRf "66762"
Ely [GB]
Finlay Cox
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