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[US] First Brightline Charger completes initial tests

Home Siemens Charger [US] First Brightline Charger completes initial tests

In 2017, the first completed trainset consisting of two Siemens Charger locomotives and four Viaggio Comfort USA coaches will enter revenue service with Brightline in Florida. The US operator will first use it on express intercity services between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. A few days ago, on September 8, the first Brightline Charger to come off the production line completed its first dynamic tests under its own power: a milestone for both Siemens and Brightline. However, this was not the only milestone of the day. After completion of the tests, Brightline officially approved series production of the remaining locomotives it has on order.

In addition to running the diesel engine for the first time, approximately 45 areas were tested on the Brightline locomotive over a three-week period. These included: functional tests of the air and braking systems; software installation for all systems; locomotive doors; fire detection systems; audible warning devices; communication systems; interior and exterior lighting; as well as empty and fully loaded weight verification.