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[US] Siemens adds to order book, San Diego Chargers ordered

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Siemens adds another order for Charger locomotives to its order book. San Diego County's NCTD has approved the purchase of five new Charger locomotives at its June Board meeting. The locos are to replace five locomotives, which were originally built between 1975-1992 and which have have reached the end of their useful lifes.

“These new locomotives will help support our mission to provide reliable public transportation to passengers throughout San Diego County,” said Bill Horn, NCTD Board Member and County Supervisor for the 5th District. “In addition to increased reliability, they will also incorporate new technologies that release lower emissions and will improve air quality in the region.”

The new locomotives will allow NCTD to improve operational efficiency while contributing to local and state sustainability and air quality goals, with an estimated 90% reduction in emissions (compared to the existing engines) and 16% reduction in fuel consumption.

The NCTD order will be part of a framework contract from 2014, launched by the California, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Washington Departments of Transportation. This joint agreement does not only saves costs due to lowered procurement costs, but, additionally, the size of the procurement aids in the future acquisition of needed spare parts for continued operations.

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