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[PL] PKP IC Gama diesels suffer technical issues

Home Pesa 111D [PL] PKP IC Gama diesels suffer technical issues

Rynek-Kolejowy reports: In early January, technical problems with the ten Gama diesel locomotives delivered by Pesa to PKP Intercity in 2015 occurred. The locomotives went back to the Polish manufacturer for attention and entered service after the manufacturer had solved all issues. However, the PKP Intercity quickly experienced a whole new problem with its new diesels. In mid-January temperature reached sub-zero values and the locomotives started to show malfunctions again due to the frost. Low availability even required the use of prototype locomotive 111Db-001.

If we understand the article on Rynek-Kolejowy correctly, the 10 locomotives were taken from traffic by January 23 pending a solution for the recurring problems. Eventhough the locos re-entered service the following day, again problems occurred on the 24th. The Polish long-distance operator has stated that if the availability level of the locomotives drops under what Pesa promised during the tendering process, financial sanctions will be considered.