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[AT] Stern & Hafferl acquires Vectron DE 247 905: official image released

Home Siemens Vectron DE [AT] Stern & Hafferl acquires Vectron DE 247 905: official image released

Vectron DE locomotive 247 905 at the Stern & Hafferl depot in Eferding on 28 November 2017. Picture by Siemens.

On 2 December, we could already report that Stern & Hafferl had acquired Vectron DE locomotive 247 905 from Siemens. The, manufacturer released a first official image of Stern & Hafferl's newly acquired locomotive, decorated with the operator's logos. The contract for the locomotive was signed in the Autumn of 2017 and the locomotive, which left the Siemens works on 28 November, is to be handed over officially at some point in December.

The locomotive has a maximum speed of 160 km/h and a power output of 2400 kW. This makes it faster and more powerful than the four EuroRunners already in Stern & Hafferl's fleet. These have a maximum speed of 140 km/h and a power output of 2000 kW. The company's choice for the Vectron DE was an easy one, because the locomotive still shares many proven concepts with the EuroRunner, but also incorporates innovations such as a cleaner and more quiet diesel engine.

The locomotive has Siemens Trainguard Basic Indusi on board and is equipped for services in Germany and Austria. Eyed operations with the new acquisition include international services between these two countries and, especially, service in the Upper Austria area towards Aschach an der Donau.

2016 913, one of the four Siemens EuroRunner locomotives the Austrian operator already has in its fleet, at Ebensee on 22 September 2017. Picture by Klaus Grs.

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