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[EU] Adria Transport buys the very last EuroRunner

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The very last EuroRunner diesel-electric locomotive is sold: Adria Transport from Slovenia has purchased its second ER20 unit. It already operates one machine with service number 2016 920 since last year. - Siemens In the past weeks, there was a small run on the very last stock units that Siemens built in 2011. Stern&Hafferl got two, and Metrans three machines, leaving only one white machine (Siemens 21690 / Siemens Vorratslok no.65) for sale.

In total, Siemens has produced 181 units of this locomotive type, of which the majority (100) is property of the Austrian state railways. Now it has to make room for its successor: the Vectron DE. From the Siemens press statement:

The successor of the highly popular Eurorunner ER20 is the Vectron DE. The vehicle concept is a consistent, further development of the Eurorunner, utilizing the maximum number of meaningful synergies with the electric variants of the Vectron. The Vectron leverages the operating and project experience gained from over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners. Market demands, customer feedback and customer interviews have been channeled into its development along with the new normative requirements (e.g. with regard to crashworthiness and reduced emissions) and the sensitivity analyses of technical parameters and solutions. In addition, a number of improvements have been deliberately implemented in the Vectron DE. Compared to the ER20, various performance parameters, such as the diesel engine power rating and the performance and braking power of the electric brake, have also been improved. In times of ever increasing fuel costs, special priority has been attached to low fuel consumption.

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